Ornament FAQs

Ornaments - Frequently asked questions


Are your ornaments shatterproof?

Yes, all my ornaments are shatterproof. 

What materials are the ornaments made of?

They are made from fabric such as cotton or polyester satin that is tufted into a polystyrene base, along with a layer of cotton batting. Other materials include tinsel cord (metallic and acrylic), stainless steel pins to fasten the cord, and metal bead caps (cadmium and lead free).


I want to hang my ornament in a window. Is the fabric lightfast?

I use high quality fabrics that are also used for clothes, quilts and other household items, so they should be lightfast for general use. However, if the ornament will be exposed to bright light for long periods of time, I recommend treating it with a UV protective fabric spray.


What is the best way to store the ornaments?

It is best to store them protected from moisture and odors, and away from bright light.

My ornament accidentally got stained. Can it be cleaned?

It depends on the type of stain, but you can try brushing out the stain with a small damp brush and maybe a tiny amount of detergent.


The cat batted an ornament from the tree and played with it, and now some cords and fabric pieces are loose. Can that be fixed?

It depends on the extent of the damage, but in general it is possible to fix small blemishes. First, push the fabric back into the grooves with the back of a small knife or the tip of a nail file. Then try running a blunt needle, a wooden skewer or something similar along the dislodged cord to push it back into the groove.