Easter decor ideas

10 thrifty and creative ways to display Easter egg ornaments

Are you getting ready to decorate for Easter?
I am always thinking about new ways to use ornaments in home decor. Below, I have assembled a collection of ideas. Some setups showcase just one single ornament, others include several, or many. Most of my decor ideas use everyday objects that you probably have in your home already, others involve easy DIY projects.
Happy decorating!
1. Cake stand centerpiece
You don’t even need a cake stand for this - I made one from a candle holder and a round board. Just arrange a few colorful eggs on top in between artificial roses and peonies and you are done. I added a crochet lace doily to complete the confectionary look. Yum!
colorful Easter egg ornaments with peonies on cake stand
colorful Easter egg ornament centerpiece with peonies

 2. Napkin ring egg stands

Napkin rings make perfect egg stands for larger ornaments. I deliberately kept this display simple to let these washi-paper inspired eggs shine in all their glory.
washi paper inspired Easter egg ornaments
3. Mix-and-match centerpiece bowls
This eclectic style works best if you stick to one color scheme. I chose blue and white because I never get tired of this clean and classy look.
blue and white fabric Easter eggs in blue and white bowls

 4. Egg in a Picture Frame

A picture frame is a neat way to display just one small egg to its full advantage. Just remove the back and the glass of a photo frame, then attach one or two corner braces or a small block of wood to the back of the frame so that it can stand on its own. Hang an egg ornament from the top of the frame with a pushpin.
kimekomi Easter egg ornament hanging in picture frame
5. Candle holders as egg stands
No matter if you use a single one, a series of matching candle holders, or several mismatched ones like I did, they always look good as egg stands. Besides, this setup takes up little space and basically fits anywhere. A candle ring or a lace trim around the base of the eggs adds a nice touch. Did I mention that I love blue and white egg ornaments?
three blue and white kimekomi Easter eggs on candle holders as egg stands
blue and white Easter egg ornament on candle holder as egg stand
6. In a window, with other flying objects
Another simple way to decorate with Easter eggs. I like them in my kitchen window so I can see them when I wash the dishes. Eggs alone look a little lost when they are just hanging there, so I like to add some other hanging decoration, such as feathers, glass beads, pompoms or flowers. Here, I added an origami crane because it matches this particular ornament so well. Just be sure to hang it out of the cat's reach :)
ivory, pink and red washi-paper inspired Easter egg ornament
cat paws clawing origami crane
8. Mason jars
How could I make a list of thrifty decoration ideas and not include mason jars? Here’s my suggestion: make little raffia nests, put them into mason jars, and place eggs inside. I used different color raffia to match the eggs. Ornaments with bold colors and simple patterns work best for this setup.
colorful Easter egg ornaments in Mason jars
9. DIY Egg picks
To make an egg pick, just place a sewing pin (with the pointy end sticking out a bit) at the end of a skewer or floral wire and fasten tightly with tape. Holding on to the pin so it doesn’t slip through the tape, poke the pin into the bottom of an egg ornament. Now you can place your egg pick in a vase, or poke it into a pot with a house plant. I used an ornament set with cheery colors to stand out between the tulips.
vase of tulips with colorful kimekomi egg picks
tulips and kimekomi Easter egg picks
10. Nest in Easter tree
You are familiar with the classic Easter egg display - a little tree or a bunch of twigs in a vase, decorated with colorful easter eggs. This sort of display works best with colorful eggs, and many of them. But I also wanted to show you another variant - with just one egg! I chose a single ornament from a set of 6 small eggs. It sits in a nest that is wedged between the branches. This one is a real bird’s nest that I found after a storm, but of course you can make your own from some raffia. What a fun way to display a single egg!
Easter tree with kimekomi egg in nest
kimekomi Easter egg in nest