About me

Hi! I am Susanne.
In the past, when friends suggested I should sell my crafts, I always declined, knowing that I would not want to part with my creations, or I would get bored and lose interest as soon as the process gets repetitive. I have always loved crafts (especially fiber and fabric crafts) as personal hobbies, but I never stick to any one of them for very long; I like to switch back and forth between different projects and techniques, and every once in a while I try something new.
Then I discovered kimekomi.
When I completed my first kimekomi ornament, I immediately knew something about it was different. I improved my technique and got creative with fabrics and patterns. Soon I had made so many ornaments that I gave them away left and right. And that is when I realized that this was a craft item that I actually wanted to sell,
because the purpose of my ornaments is to bring joy.
They are not complete until they reach your home and bring you joy. My hope and my primary motivation is that my ornaments will delight you year after year, set the mood in your seasonal home decorations, accompany happy gatherings with family and friends, and create or bring back memories.
They certainly bring me joy when I make them. I tremendously enjoy the process of transforming the raw materials - base shapes, cotton batting, fabric and metallic cord - into an exquisite ornament. Each time I finish one, I turn it around in my hands, and marvel at how the texture, the colors and the pattern come together into one thing of beauty.
From pattern design over selection of materials to the last finishing touch, every step is in my hands, and my hands only. Each ornament receives my undivided care and attention when I make it. I select high quality materials and timeless designs, and apply my best craftsmanship. I believe it is worth investing these efforts into my ornaments because they keep returning the investment by spreading joy and happiness.